The Need Not to be Needy

Emailing me with 24 hours of using your service getting me to invite friends, feels kinda needy.

I recently installed the iPhone version of a social app that was previously iPad only.

In less than a day I got the “welcome to the iPhone version, you want to invite your friends?” email.

It was needy. I’m not inviting them.

Calls to Action are a pain to write. Too passive and they won’t drive people, too pushy and they’ll drive people away. And invariably what works for some won’t work for others.¬†Judging the assertiveness/aggression is tough; but easier is never, ever, sounding needy.

Asking me to invite people within 1 day of installing something feels that.

It might be a considered decision to strike while the iron is hot, but failed; for me, at least.