Forget inbox zero: Social Gaming Zero is the new unattainable goal

“I’ll start that once I’ve replied to my game requests” is the latest way to Get Nothing Done(TM).

I’m terrible for using arbitrary events to get me to do something. Does that make me like node.js? Anyway, I’ve been stuck on my sofa unable to start doing stuff for days thanks to the sudden popularity of Draw Something with my friends.

Between that, and the ever-present Words With Friends I’ve got a whacamole of social requests flying in, and the compulsive need to reply to them is too hard to break.

I’m going to start on all the stuff I have to do once I’ve got that to number to zero, but I don’t get anything done because people keep drawing comical stick-figures in various states of lewdness.

My inbox, that’s fine, that’s manageable. But my gaming, now that is a problem.