Complete means complete…

Quick rant here, but I’m in the process of leaving a service that requires some careful presentation of the data/documents for regulatory type purposes.

Fine, I think, they tell me to head to the download page, and download my data.

Use this to get a complete export of all your XXXX data or restrict by date. The export includes all accompanying receipt attachments and PDF documents where relevant.

If you need to restrict the results further you can do this by using the filters on the relevant list and running the export from there.

That sounds pretty definitive, great, it’ll be a big zip file with everything.

“Complete export” is even in bold, that shows intent.

The zip file expands into a folder with the word “complete” In it.

BUT as you’ve now doubt guessed from all the signposting, it is not however complete. There are a bunch of things not included.

It’s not stated what things aren’t included, because you know, that would be too easy.

TL;DR, If you use the world ‘complete’ in your data extraction, include everything

At the very least tell me what’s missing.

Good to have it confirmed why I’m leaving this service.