Avoiding the Barclays Cycle Hire Price Hike

Barclays Cycle Hire goes up in price in January 2013, here’s your options for a little more time at the old price…

Prices for annual subscription doubling in January 2012, and you can’t renew your membership to add on to the end of it… here are your two approaches:

You have a different credit/debit card and a second email address?

  1. Register a new key with an annual access period, which you don’t activate with a different email and card number.
  2. Put this away in drawer
  3. Turn off auto-renew on your existing key
  4. when access stops working use the other key

you don’t have an extra card lying around

This was given to me by the call-centre

  1. Cancel your existing access period, forfeiting what is left on it
  2. Get another annual period for 45 quid