Siri and Boris Bikes

If Siri included bicycle hire status, that could make finding a dock much easier when you’re on the move.

I know it’s not launched yet but it would be great if Apple incorporates the TFL Barclays Cycle Hire feed into Siri. Siri is perfect for when you can’t use the screen, like when you’re cycling. It would be great to be able to ask:

“What cycle docks are available near home?”

“5 docks available at Oval Way, and 4 at Kennington Post Office”

I know it’s a market specific request, but there’s an XML feed they could parse – here’s hoping the “beta” label gives them the wiggle room to add this kind of thing. There are a number of bike-share schemes around the world so it might not be that bespoke.

It won’t happen; but I can dream of a voice-controlled Bicycle as a Service future.

aside: you could emulate this with a text message service

“Siri, send a message to bikes, ‘i’m coming home'” and siri could read the reply.

2 thoughts on “Siri and Boris Bikes”

  1. They should offer a Siri API into apps. Tricky to select the right app, but would be rather powerful.

    1. Aye, feels very much a version 2.0 thing to do when they can do it right. I think you’d maybe want to do it as a back-end integration that their servers speak to your servers, and then maybe shell out to apps later – rather than trying to do anything on the phone itself.

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